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Breakthrough: Any significant development or achievement that removes a barrier to progress.

What is the Breakthrough You Seek?

Are you feeling stuck in at least one area of your life?

Do you want something to change, but have no idea how to make that happen for yourself?

Do you feel like something is holding you back, keeping you from the breakthrough you need to reach your goal?

Sometimes having a professional to listen and collaborate with, will help you find the courage to take action.

There are often many solutions to the same problem, but it’s hard to see them when you’re too close to a situation. I provide a safe place to explore your feelings and gain insight into the roots of beliefs and behaviors that get in the way of your happiness. Let me support you on your own breakthroughs to positive change and a life you truly love.

Through our work together you will be able to address any past concerns, make the most of your current situation, and create the future you want for yourself.

The Process

Counseling is a partnership.

To see the best results, you must find a counselor you can connect with and who will offer you support in a safe place. Whatever brings you to counseling, we will work together to help you achieve your personal goals and create the meaningful changes that you seek in life.

The work may be difficult, but I can promise that there will be light moments, and you will be better for the effort that you put into it.

Our Work

No situation is hopeless and no person is fundamentally broken. Together we will work through transitions and life changes, painful history, crisis situations, career choices and personal growth opportunities. I work with people from all walks of life in the following areas:

  • Transitions & Growth Opportunities

    We can always count on change to occur – beginning or ending relationships, career and education, health, starting a family, grief and loss, LGBT concerns, divorce, blended families. All are part of life and offer unique opportunities for growth through counseling.

  • Mental Health

    Managing your mental health requires positive coping skills and a stigma-free attitude. You are not your diagnosis, but if you are dealing with a disorder like anxiety, depression or any other issue, it affects many areas of your life. Let's work through it together.

  • Relationships

    Healthy relationships require effort! All relationships are challenging at times. Whether you’re dating or married, straight or LGBTQ, struggling with family members or co-workers, all can be addressed in counseling.

  • Crisis Situations

    Suicidal ideations are often a symptom or result of undiagnosed or untreated mental health disorders. You are not alone and you have other options for dealing with your emotional pain. I am certified by the American Association of Suicidology and have helped many people create a personalized plan to keep themselves safe.

  • Acceptance & Inclusion

    Are you a person with a disability who prefers to work with someone with specialized knowledge to help you succeed? I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who will collaborate with you based on your specific needs and skill set.

About Amy

Amy G Rauscher

My strengths-based perspective will help you see your own unique potential. This allows you to focus on what is in your control to make positive changes.

My specialty is helping people through important life transitions. I offer a unique perspective and solutions that you may not have considered. While I work with men and women of all ages, I have a special affinity for connecting with teens and adults under 40.

I have a no-nonsense approach with a soft touch. I will treat you with respect, empathy and humor; your laughter and tears are welcome here.

Professional Credentials

  • Licensed Professional Counselor 2019
  • Verified member of Psychology Today, 2017
  • M.A. Rehabilitation Counseling, 2016
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, 2016
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), 2014

There is a crack in everything . That’s how the light gets in .

– Leonard Cohen

Contact Amy

I am not accepting appointments at this time, but please feel free to reach out for other resources.

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    I am not accepting appointments at this time, but please feel free to reach out for other resources.

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